set free the healing energy of Christ

    ASSSOCIATES continuing the mission... 




 Associates are...

Men and women, married and single, of all ages and faith, who choose

to share in the life and mission of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. 

Associates express this mission through partnering with the Sisters to

deliver care to the poor and needy with compassion and love: each

according to his or her gifts.  They join together in community for

celebrations, prayers, meetings and retreat days.  Associates chose to

live out their baptismal commitment by sharing in the Sister's charism

and mission.  We are an international congregation and have

Associates in Brazil, Italy, Senegal and the United States.  Some serve

directly with the Sisters in ministry, while others carry our healing

charism into the world in a variety of ways.

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Coming Soon!
Franciscan Gathering
August 6, 2016
at Roger Bacon High School
Franciscan Perspective on Mercy
August 13, 2016
at Oldenburg, IN
Associate Covenant Ceremony
August 21, 2016
Annual Car Show
September 11, 2016
Blessed Frances Schervier,
Foundress of the          Franciscan Sisters of the Poor
"True love exists not in words, but in deeds and sacrifices.  Therefore, let us love one another and pray a lot for one another."