set free the healing energy of Christ

Associate Relationship

Who We Are

The Associate/Sister Relationship was established in 1980 so that lay men and women could partner with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor  to carry our healing charism, in the spirit of Blessed Frances Schervier, into the world.  

Associates continuing the mission of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor are women and men, young and old, married, single, widowed, divorced, ordained, who share in the life and mission of the Congregation.   Associates  strive to express the mission and charism in their role, position or ministry.  Each Associate finds the best way that she/he can share this charism with others.  This could be in their work: health care, non-profit organization, service in their parish, caring for family members, volunteering at one of the Franciscan Ministries or Associate Ministries, educational or business setting or a life of prayer to support the Congregations/Associates efforts through partnering with the Sisters to bring care to the poor and the needy with compassion and love: each according to his or her gifts. 

Which ever way they choose to serve, being an Associate is more about "being" rather than "doing".  Associates choose ways with the congregation which encourage personal spiritual growth and support.   Associates join together in community for celebrations, meetings, prayers, days of retreat, outreach and socializing.

We communicate with each other in many ways: through our monthly newsletter SFP Journal, a quarterly publication FranciScan, through frequent emails, letters, phone calls, and visitations. 

Associates continuing the Mission by serving in cities and rural areas  from New York to Florida, from Ohio to Illinois, to Michigan and Texas.  Our Associates serve in a variety of ways in our churches, schools, homes, praying, listening and carrying for the poor - our Associates are committed to carrying out the healing charism of the Congregation.

Where We Are

We are an international congregation and we have Associates is Brazil, Italy, Senegal and the United States.